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Franchise Business

We have a strong desire to expand our franchise business extensively. Hence, as pets’ lover you are welcome to join us and we will help and support you to operate pet shop business.


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Our team of experts is your secret weapon. We’re here to educate and support you on all our brands. Together, we can delight pet parents and grow your business.


We pride ourselves on representing the best brands and work on enhancing their reputation through our marketing & distribution channels.


We ensure to support our retailers big and small by ensuring a timely & accurate delivery, and bringing the most complete range of pet supply products in Malaysia.


We are committed to providing value & quality pet food & supplies to all pet parents with integrity, honesty and care.

Products That We Supply



We do our utmost best to make sure that each and every member of AAOO Group team practice prompt and polite servicing, and they are all well-trained to ensure that happens to everyone.


We place very heavy emphasis on the quality of food that we offer to our customers. We examine and manage suppliers to make sure they provide safe and secure products, which we then deliver to customers inside and outside the Group.


Pet are not just a puppy or animal, they are our friends and even become our one of our family members. Thus we are very happy deliver tips on training and behavior, as well as advice on pet nutrition because we know that pet is our best partner.

Various Products

We offer more than 300 brands to customer in order to meet their choice. We believed that various choice of products could meet every customer’s need.